Honorary Conservative American

By Peter Andrew ConservativeAmerican.org

Conservative American. Pretty simple. We’re conservative and American. So, what do we do with a guy like Daniel Hannan. If he were in this country, he would be the overnight conservative American sensation. People here would think they had died and gone to Ronald Reagan heaven. Despite the fact he is not American, we’re going to go ahead and make Daniel Hannan the first Honorary Conservative American.

If you still haven’t seen this, prepare to put hope back into your life. Get ready to be inspired


If these people are scared to death of Sarah Palin (and they are), they would pass out in the presence of Daniel Hannan!

All those who claim they can’t understand why Palin is so popular, should watch this video. Just like Hannan, Palin speaks to the people with passion and messages they are longing to hear. Hannan’s eloquence and passion are what people love about Rush Hudson Limbaugh. The republicans may want to think twice about campaigning against El Rushbo!

Now a conservative prayer.

Please God, send us eloquent, honest and passionate people like Daniel Hannan to convey the Conservative American message in a way that will enkindle in us the fire of the truth, dedication to the founders of this nation and the documents they created, and a relentless hunger for the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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