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By Peter Andrew
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We know Red-Blooded American men and women love to look at Hot Conservative American Women! So, each Saturday we try to feature a Hot Conservative American Woman for your enjoyment!

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Now, men get criticized for only noticing a woman’s features and beauty and not paying attention to what women say. We don’t want to be part of that. We want to recognize intelligent women who are first, Conservative Americans. So, to be eligible, the female must be intelligent and either a strong Conservative American voice, or a person fair to Conservative Americans most of the time. To our critics who may say we only are looking at appearance, let me just say that it’s not our fault angry liberal women are not as attractive as positive, happy, Conservative American women!! You are always welcome to add or view comments to let us know what you think, or who we should feature. We appreciate you visiting ConservativeAmerican.org.

Now for your reward…

Conservative American Woman of the Week # 3
Dana Perino


Here’s a recent Op-Ed Perino wrote on the ObamaCare Nightmare.


View from Vulcan photo



Speaking in Colorado


Inured when looney through a shoe at Pres. Bush






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  1. greg wyatt says:

    you are so correct!

  2. M.L. Bender says:

    Dana, My name is Mary from Frankenmuth, MI. My husband and I are lifelong republicans have worked all our lives and are now facing a health ins. crisis. My husband’s employer can’t afford medical ins. for us. We are 58 years old but thank the Lord in great health. We were always provided by our employer with health ins. but last year were told they could not cover us anymore. We had to find something we could afford, which was basically $10,000 for surgery. We took that just to save our home etc.
    With Obama Care we would receive $750 in subsidy per month which would allow us a decent insurance policy. It is not right for some to have great insurance and some not. We need as conservatives to find a way to help the middle class. If not our party will sell themselves to the liberals to receive subsidies.

    Dana, remember the middle class who are without health ins. There must be a way to cover us.

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