How About a Million-Person Impeachment March?

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Obama's Mission Accomplished image It may be time for another one of those “million-man” marches in Washington, D.C., though this one should be called the “Million-Person March.” Any republican president would have already been impeached had he or she behaved the way President Obama has.

Why do we all stand by and just allow him to continue? The permanent D.C. politicians don’t have the appetite to impeach Obama. Why does John Boehner allow it? For that matter, why does Harry Reid allow it, or the media? Too many people still have a romance with the notion of the nation’s first half-white, half-black President and they just don’t seem to want impeachment to happen to him. You know, for ‘history’s sake.’ The President knows that and plays it for all its worth.

It’s not about the color of his skin. It’s about the content of his character. It’s about the future of this country.

There are dozens of charges that could be used to impeach the President. Among them…

  1. Lying about a video and a protest being behind the attack in Benghazi, Libya which killed four Americans just so he could win re-election.
  2. Using the IRS for political gain by targeting Conservative American and Tea Party groups for higher levels of scrutiny and requesting information the IRS had no legal right to request. This was done to shut down the Tea Party so it could not remove the President from office in 2012.
  3. Using the Department of Justice for political gain by targeting Fox News reporter James Rosen and his parents despite there being absolutely zero evidence to support any wrong-doing of any kind.
  4. Using the NSA to illegally spy on every single American citizen, recording and logging their phone calls, email messages, video chats and God knows what else. President Obama may also have been able to use these phone calls for political gain by monitoring what his opponents were saying and planning.
  5. Failing to uphold and defend the U.S. Constitution by simply ignoring it and changing “the law of the land” repeatedly and illegally (Obamacare).
  6. Lying to the American people repeatedly and willfully by claiming, “If you like your plan, you can keep your plan. Period.”
  7. Illegally running guns to Mexico, knowing they would be used in crimes, in order to be able to convince the American people that gun control is needed (Fast & Furious).
  8. and on, and on, and on we could go. (And we do so here).

With so much at stake, why do Americans stand by and simply allow all of this to happen? Why does congress? Why do republicans? Why do democrats? And perhaps the most guilty of all, why does ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, etc. allow these things to go unreported? The President likes to complain about, and blame FOX news for actually daring to cover some of these stories and to fairly include both sides of the story. Meanwhile, he says nothing about the zillion other networks that only cover the democrat side to any story, especially the big three; CBS, ABC, and NBC.

If there could be a million-person, or a four-million-person march on Washington, D.C. demanding that congress impeach the President, then this imcompetent congress might actually be forced to do something about it. Get out of the tanning booth, Mr. Boehner, and get out of the Obama-created death-of-the-democrats spiral, Mr. Reid, and do your jobs.

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