How Liberals Could Lead us to WWIII

The foreign policy of Barack Hussein Muhamed Obama is so bad, we could already be witnessing the beginning of World War III. President George W. Bush warned us about what would happen if Obama pulled troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan too early. President Obama didn’t care, he did it anyway. Everything Bush warned us about has come true.

But it is more important to President Obama to punish the United States for all of the imaginary evils he believes it has committed, all that BS piled up inside the huge chip on his shoulder. The First Muslim Lady, Queen Michelle-uh, warned us in 2007 when her muslim-educated husband won the Wisconsin primary. She admitted it was the first time she had ever, in her entire life, been proud of the USA. That should have done him in. But the media refused to do any vetting of Obama.

Contrast that today with the rectal exam reporters are giving any republican candidate that dares to get 10% or more in a poll one of them conducts. Its enough to make you sick.

How on earth did such a fringe, socialist lunatic get elected in the first place? It all goes back to liberals running the public schools for decades, instilling in the minds of children an incorrect sense of white guilt over sins hundreds of years ago committed by people most of the students were not in any way ever related to.

This white guilt grew up, listened to liberal media tell them how wonderful Obama was, and fell in love with the fairy tale that electing a half-black man to the White House would somehow end racial discord and eliminate their white guilt.

Typical for liberals, no thought is given to the consequences of their foolish behavior. This time, it might put us into World War III.

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