How Many Have Signed Up? Media Fail.

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Our website offers greater fuel efficiency and smart technology (a website that works).

It’s a pretty simple question, isn’t it? How many people have actually signed up to be part of the Halloween Scare, the Obamacare Nightmare?
How many have tried?

Rush Limbaugh said today that Team Obama has told healthcare providers not to release data on the number signed up! Why not? Obviously if it was good news they would shout it from the Mountain tops.

Can you imagine if George W. Bush had asked private industry not to tell the public how one of his government programs was failing? The media would go nuts! They would dig, and dig, and dig until they found the data, the numbers, the truth. Then they’d report the numbers, report the fail of the administration, and blast them for trying to hide it.


Where are the actual reporters? Are there any left? Does no news agency have the staff and time to figure out how many have actually signed up? How about how many have tried to sign up? How many have accessed the website? All of this information is easily attainable if Team Barack would stop trying to hide the truth. His plan is an epic fail.

The only thing close to Obama’s epic fail here, is the Media Fail.

I guess we’ll have to wait until the U.K. Guardian decides to figure it out.

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