Huffington Post Takes High Road on Palin

By Peter Andrew ConservativeAmerican.org

Normally I would likely argue with anything written on the Huffington Post.  As a conservative American, I find most of their posts to be filled with hatred and falsehoods.  However, Nena Baker has a post today that caught my eye.  Nena and I would agree on very little in life.  However, Nena has guts.  Nena doesn’t mind admitting where inspiration comes from, even if it is from someone like Sarah Palin who she disagrees with on probably every issue.

Hats off to Nena Baker at Huffington for her kind post about how much of a good influence Sarah Palin has been on her in the last few months.  Read Baker’s post here.  Baker is out with a new book and has had to do some public speaking, something she has not been terribly comfortable with.  Here’s part of what she writes in her post:

“Then, as I watched clips of Gov. Palin — winking, pointing, and smiling from the podium — it struck me how unabashed she is, how absolutely fearless. She flubbed sentences — entire interviews, even – and still the woman remained unfazed. I have to admit I watched these clips over and over, searching for what I might learn, hoping to see into the source of such chutzpah.

During the Palin “victory tour” as the governor spoke with interviewer after interviewer, it finally struck me: From the depths of her soul, Gov. Palin knows there is no one better or more qualified to deliver her message about the future of the United States. She believes in her experience as a governor, her political skills and her ability to connect with people, no matter what the pundits say, or how much Saturday Night Live makes fun of her, or even when her ticket goes down in flames. In this way, Gov. Palin is an anomaly among women of my generation, accomplished middle-aged artists and professionals (many of them feminists) who are far too often plagued by self-doubts and fear of criticism — others and their own — regardless of their sterling resumes and relentlessly hard work.”

We’re all Americans first, Nena.  We can learn from each other regardless of our political views.  We certainly are glad that people of all political opinions recognize the contribution Sarah Palin has made.  Her contribution has helped you and countless other women and men.  Thanks for being honest about it.

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