Huge Hypocrisy in Boehner Criticism of Tea Party Conservatives

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right

Conservative Americans may not like what I am going to point out here, but it is the truth.  “Our side” of the aisle has a big hypocrisy in its current political strategy and in the budget the House just passed.

House Speaker John Boehner yesterday blasted Tea Party Conservatives for coming out against the plan before they even read it.  Really?  You mean like he was against Obamacare before he even read it? And that’s not even the big hypocrisy!

What's the difference?
What’s the difference?


The BIG hyprocrisy came when Boehner had his Howard Dean moment.  He explained that one of the Tea Party conservatives that was pushing for the last government shutdown in a battle over Obamacare said that he never expected it to work anyway.  That drew an over-the-top “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” from Boehner.  He crouched down, distorting his body, adopted a strange angry and hysterical voice, and screamed, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!”  He wanted everyone in the room to know that he simply could not believe that anyone would deploy a strategy that they knew would not work.

Yet, that is exactly what the current republican Obamacare strategy is; deploy the damn thing because we know it won’t work.  This is not about you or your health plan or your doctor or Obamacare.  It’s about politics pure and simple. Boehner thinks this strategy will get his party back in power (image above).  Like it or not, that is hypocrisy.

The John Screaming Boehner strategy is to toss the American people under the bus and let them suffer through this horrible Obamacare Nightmare.  That’s a good strategy?!  Toss every American under the bus so you can win an election in 2014.  Thanks a lot, Boehner (and Paul Ryan).

Now some will say, “Wait, that is NOT a hypocrisy because Boehner does believe his strategy will work, whereas others knew the government shutdown would not work.”  I have two problems with that.  First, Boehner is claiming some moral high ground with his position over and above the Ted Cruz-Mike Lee strategy, while he happily waits for people to suffer because he can blame the democrats.  His strategy is only political in nature and frankly, it is sleezy to just let Americans (some who vote for him and his party) suffer so he can gain even more power and influence.

Second, if the GOP had been 100% behind the fake shutdown that gave federal workers double-pay, it could have worked.  We’d still be shut down today.  We’d still be shut down in mid-January, two weeks into people realizing how awful the Obamacare Nightmare really is.  We’d be shut down in early February as pressure on the democrats and the President became too great to bear. Or perhaps that would take until October of 2014.  There’s good reason to believe that the American people’s anger and frustration would have put enough pressure on the socialist-union-democrats to force them to act.  The Obamacare Nightmare could have ended in 2014 (as early as February) with that strategy, saving the American people months, if not years, of suffering under this terrible law of the land.  Sounds like a much better plan, than letting all suffer until November when republicans hope they can keep the house and take the senate.

Even if the GOP does control the House and Senate in 2014, then what?  Do you think this bunch will actually vote to defund Obamacare at that point?   Why? Don’t forget that Obamacare gives the ruling party an incredible amount of power over the American people.  The Tea Party Conservative Americans do not run Washington or the GOP.  Those who run everything only pretend to be conservative for a few months around election-time.  Electing a republican house and Senate may not give Conservatives anything they want.

So the GOP’s F-the-Conservatives strategy is to let Americans suffer until at least 2017.  Thanks a lot, Boehner.


  1. For once, we know exactly where John Boehner stands. In all of his hypocrisy, he has shown himself to care only for how he can retain and grow his power. What his strategy does to the American people is irrelevant.

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