If #Conservatives Stay Home, #Trump Wins Anyway!

The conventional wisdom is that after tonight, there won’t be much that can derail the Trump train or the Shrillary Clinton train wreck.

While that may be true, another ‘conventional wisdom’ is wrong. That one says that in the general election, if fed up conservatives stay home or vote Libertarian, they’ll be handing the victory to child rapist lawyer, Hillary Clinton. Not hardly. What that conclusion fails to realize is that many demosocialists don’t like Madame Shrillary and won’t vote for her. Many of them do like Donald Trump.

I predict at least 10% of normal democrat votes will go to Trump and he’ll win the general election with, or without conservative votes.

If Ted Cruz is out, I don’t know what to do. I don’t believe Trump is conservative. So who is the Libertarian candidate?

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