If Fed Shuts Down, GOP to Blame? How about Thanking Them!

By Danny Dangerous – ConservativeAmerican.org “I’m sassy and I know it!”


Sometimes they say politicians are out of touch.  How about the media that reports on them? How about both?!

Okay, so get this… politicians and reporters are talking about the horrible possibility that… WAIT FOR IT… the federal government might shut down!

Say, what?!  You mean they might actually shut down the federal government?!

C O O L ! ! !  Time to par-tay!  I might even send someone a thank-you text for pulling that off!

Get these Bast***s out of our lives!  Yeah!  Remember that thing ‘first, do no harm?‘  These people act like we give a flying rats rear-end if they shut down!  Send them home where they can do no harm.  Let’s shut them down for at least a few months.  No one gets paid.  Send them home.  Get them out of our lives.  That’s a good thing!

Why will no one say shutting down the federal government is good thing?  I’ll say it!

Keep the military up and running and the agencies that keep us safe and protect our national securitySend the rest of them home.  Let them get a glimpse of what real Americans have to do for a living and what happens when a company shuts down. These people live in an alternate universe where pay raises our automatic, and many times automatic step increases as well.  They don’t know what it is like.

Why are the politicians, especially the republicans, so worried about who will get the blame?  Why doesn’t someone like Conservative American Ron Johnson or Conservative American Rand Paul start saying things like this…

“Look, you reporters seem to think the American people are all sitting at home worrying about the possibility that the federal government might shut down.  They’re not doing that.  They’re out looking for jobs, trying to figure out how the hell they are going to afford the Obamacare Nightmare.  If they got wind, the federal government might be on vacation for a while, they’d probably think, ‘Thank God!’  So, no, I’m not concerned about who will be blamed.  Reporters and democrats are the only ones who even think someone WILL be blamed… I think they will send us thank-you notes for getting this gigantic, out-of-control, unaffordable beast of a federal government out of their lives for a while.  The people know that.  It’s about time you reporters figured it out.”

Dang.  I am good! 

I should email that to them.  Or they should send me a thank you note or a freaking check or something.

Okay, get some guts you republicans.  Go out there and fight for us!  Kill this freaking ObamaCare Nightmare!  Have a stupid democrat-style march up the capitol steps pledging not to leave until ObamaCare is defunded.  Get people in America pumped up and excited about this and cheering for you.  Quit this crap where you just roll over dead and accept the pre-established democrat narrative.  If you do that, you are pathetic.  But, we’re getting used to that.

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