If GOP Wins Senate, Does it Have to be McConnell?

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Conservative American Ron Johnson
Conservative American Ron Johnson
Conservative Americans head to the polls today to hand President Obama his second “shellacking.” If enough of us show up to vote, republicans could take control of the US Senate.

Everyone assumes that Senator Mitch McConnell, Senate Minority Leader, will become the new Senate Majority Leader if that happens. Of course he has to win his own election today as well. If the GOP wins the senate, does it have to be him? There are several others who would make fine majority leaders without being so negative to Conservative Americans or Tea Party members.

While a Marco Rubio or a Ted Cruz may not be able to gain enough support to win such a vote, perhaps someone like Conservative American Ron Johnson of Wisconsin could. I know, I know. We have to win the senate first. But if we do, wouldn’t it be nice if the GOP for once actually welcomed Conservatives instead of pushing us aside the evening of the election?

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