If #Hillary Wins, Will She Pick Bill or Huma as First Lady?

Leading the Way Right

So, if Hillary Rodham Clinton becomes the first bisexual elected as President of the United States, she will have a dilemma on her hands. Who to pick for First Lady?

Huma Abedin could be first lady

Who will be First Lady? Bill or Huma?

She could pick her male partner, Bill Cosby-Clinton, who gave her the only qualification she has to be President… her last name. Or, she could pick her female partner, the Muslim Huma Abedin Weiner. So, we’d go from having, at best, a Islamist-sympathizer as President to having a Sharia-law lover as First Lady.

Democrats enjoy pretending they are first. They pretend, with the media’s never-failing help, to have the first black president when everyone knows Barack Hussein Obama’s mama was white. That makes him the first HALF-black, or mutli-racial, president. We have not had a black president yet. Not nasty women like the Native-American pretender Elizabeth Warren campaign to give us the first “woman” president. In reality, she would not be the first woman president, would she? Does she identify as a woman in her pantsuits? Does she use the male restroom or the female restroom? What makes her more comfortable? Maybe she likes peeing standing up. Who knows. If you believe the U.K. Daily Mail report, Hillary RahmRod Clinton would be the first nasty, half-woman, bisexual President. That’s not the only media report suggesting Hillary goes both ways. Sean Hannity had guests on his radio show today discussing this topic.

If there’s any good news, I suppose it could be that the door is still open for an actual woman or an actual black person to be the first woman or the first black in the White House.

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