If ISIS Attacks Here, 11 Reasons the Media will be Partly to Blame

Oh, the lovely egotistical members of the lamestream media. How they adore each other in the mirror and turn a blind eye to their beloved “4th estate” when it suits their purpose.

The adoring fans of Barack Obama in the press have done, and continue to do, a great injustice to this nation. They have betrayed that 4th estate, turned their back on the Free Press, and invited their own killers to dinner.

The truth is that the Obama-loving media will be partly to blame if and when ISIS attacks on U.S. Soil. They are planning to cross the border with Mexico and carry out attacks on U.S. soil. I lay part of the blame on the TV newscasters and the endangered species newspaper reporters.

  • They never gave Obama the rectal exam the gleefully offer any republican running for high office.
  • They saw no need to examine his past or even find out what he stood for. Instead, they ignorantly blessed his “present” votes in the Illinois State Legislature.
  • They ignored his friendships with terrorists like Rashid Khalidi and Bill Ayers. Part of some right-wing conspiracy, no doubt.
  • They ignored his father… you know, the one who was a communist.
  • Yet, they also adored his father… you know, the one who made Obama’s skin color (that thing the left always focuses on) a certain shade of black.
  • The ignored his mother… you know, the one who made him half white, or just as white as he is black. Yeah, that one. The story they chose to write instead, one Obama was all too happy to go along with all the way to Mt. Rushmore, is that this man is the “first Black President.” That’s a lie. He’s the first half-black President. He even called himself a “mutt” when asked about it.
  • They ignored every piece of evidence that demonstrated this man was a radical who felt the need to fundamentally transform the nation. We saw it prior to 2008 and we reported it. They certainly could have told the truth about him. But, that simply didn’t fit the fairytale story they wanted to tell. It didn’t fit the ratings they needed and the advertising they needed to sell. Nah, just ignore all of that stuff. How bad can the guy really be anyway?
  • They have ignored scandals far bigger than Watergate including the Benghazi coverup, the Benghazi lies about some video, the IRS Scandal which shut down the Tea Party long enough for 2012 democrat wins, and on, and on and on. Literally hundreds of scandals they chose simply to ignore, knowing full well that if a Republican had done a single one of these things, they would have run him out of office.
  • They ignored his promise to violate the Constitution and have a “year of action” without congress. They ignored the democrats who stood and applauded the demise of their own need to exist. No story there.
  • Instead of being honest and reporting that Joe Wilson (the guy who yelled “You Lie!” at Obama) was factually correct, they wrote about how he was out of Order. Nevermind when the President was out of Order chewing out the US Supreme Court in public during one of his addresses with the justices sitting only yards away.

But the worst thing the mainstream media has done is to ignore the American people, to ignore their own country. They have no desire to tell us the truth, only bits of ‘truths’ that fit their pre-determined narratives. Shame of them. They have betrayed us all.

We have a President who never could have been elected had he been a republican. We have a President the press never would have allowed to be elected had his skin color been white. We have a President with no strategy at all on how to deal with ISIS as they sneak into our nation and prepare to attack.

If that attack happens, be sure to thank, in part, the American media.

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