If not now, When? Stop Obamacare.

If this were a hunt

‘We’re hunting as a pack. We’re doing it to protect and preserve our health and well-being.

We’re hungry. Some of us wanted to go in for the kill weeks ago, but the majority overruled.

Now, however, we have the prey surrounded. It has fallen and is becoming weaker. Many are disgusted with it. Those animals who supported it are running for the hills so they are not also eaten to keep us healthy. While they defended the beast, everyone in the pack now knows they have no credibility at all. Nothing they try can be trusted again.

It’s time to eat. We prepare to go in for the kill and…’

While it’s not a hunt, it does seem pretty simple. Almost instinctual. (Radio background music increases… Katy Perry’s “Roar” plays) The Obamacare beast is falling down and weak. It is time for Conservatives and republicans to line up behind Senator Ted Cruz.

Obamacare supporters are making ridiculous claims. Health & Abortion Services Director Kathleen Sebelius testified before congress today that the Obamacare website “has never crashed.” She said that. A foolish lie under oath. She also was asked if the President is keeping his promise that no matter what, if you like your current health plan, you can keep it. Period. “Yes, he is,” she replied. Uhm, no. No, he isn’t. It is foolish to claim he is.

The American people have now seen the exposed dictator, Barack Hugo Obama. They have seen Kathleen Sebelius exposed (OMG… I’m sorry. Wipe that image out of your mind, quick!). They have witnessed Kathleen Sebelius being dishonest.

While the Obamacare beast is weak and has lost credibility, it is time NOW to repeal and replace. Get rid of Obamacare all together. Stop it NOW. Keep the parts people like such as coverage for pre-existing conditions. Allow competition over state lines by insurance companies. There are numerous things the Conservative plan could do to improve our healthcare system instead of getting rid of it. Our system, flaws in all, was the best in the world. We did not need to flush the entire thing down the toilet.

While Americans are realizing that and experiencing it, it is time to act.

Don’t work on Paul Ryan’s immigration plan. Who cares about that right now?

Democrats today announced they would not agree to any budget deal in January without tax increases. Republicans should announce tomorrow they will not agree to any budget deal in January without repealing Obamacare. Let the government shut down. Don’t raise the debt ceiling either, or fall for the Default Lie.

If not now, when?

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