If Russia Goes Further than Crimea, USA Will do Nothing

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

President Obama again promising non-existent consequences

The Obama Who Cried Wolf

As we correctly reported on February 19th, President Barack Hussein Obama never had any intention of doing anything about the situation in the Ukraine. We demonstrated how his threats of ‘serious consequences’ have always been empty, detailing there were no promised consequences for North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, or Syria. Why would he start now?

The boy President who Cried Wolf uses words, ‘just words.’ As Rush Limbaugh put it this week, the President was “Huffing and puffing, but he wasn’t going to do a thing.”

This foreign policy failure, President Obama, also does not learn from his mistakes. After drawing a worthless red line for Syria, some reporters say another red line has been drawn in the Ukraine. Ed Henry told Bill O’Reilly this week that Team Obama is pretty cool with Russia taking over Crimea but Vladimir Putin better not go farther than that into the Ukraine!

Really? He better not? Or else what? President Obama has no interest in foreign policy and may use his words (just words) to talk tough, but Putin and every other world leader knows that Obama will do nothing.

President Obama used the already-in-place George W. Bush plan to supposedly end the Iraq war. He and his defense department are making plans to speed up “ending” the war in Afghanistan, though quitting might be a better word. Obama has no exit strategy like the ones he demanded of Bush. The democrats have stated no clear goals of the ‘conflict’ in Afghanistan to define what victory is. In fact, Barack Hussein Obama said he is uncomfortable with the word “victory” because it makes him think of the Japanese surrender after World War II (No, I am NOT kidding).

This president went around the world apologizing, told NASA that its mission was to make Muslims feel better about their scientific contributions and made up the non-existent “Non-Combat Soldier!” For pete’s sake, the man can’t even utter the phrase, “War on Terror.”

This is not a man who instills fear or respect in the hearts of any foreign government. Our allies have learned they can no longer trust us (ask the German Chancellor) or rely on us (ask Israel) and our enemies have learned they can do whatever they want.

The United States will do absolutely nothing if Putin tries to gain more territory in the Ukraine. The people of the Ukraine deserve to know that.

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