Is Bill Clinton Talking to North Korea?

March 27th, 2009

By Peter Andrew ConservativeAmerican.org

The Washington Times ran an editorial Wednesday questioning President Obama’s choice for ambassador to Iraq.  The things they point out about Christopher Hill qualify him to be Appointment Scandal # 20 for Obama, and entry #112 on the Official Obama Administration Scandals List.

From the Washington Times:

“nominee for ambassador to Iraq, is a disconcerting choice…the current assistant sec. of state for East Asian & Pacific affairs, he presided over negotiations with N. Korea that deliberately minimized focus on the bleak human rights record…ignored its nuclear proliferation, & had the practical effect of affirming its nuclear weapons capability. Hill also has a troubling hotdog tendency to play by his own rules.  A letter signed by Sen. Brownback & 4 other senators notes Hill’s “evasive & unprofessional activities” including “sidelining key officials” & “breaking commitments” to Congress…in July 2005…he violated U.S. policy and express orders from superiors by meeting with N. Korean Vice Minister Kim Kye-gwan in Berlin to revive the 6-Party talks….Japanese magazine Shukan Gendai [reported]…Pyongyang is conducting back-channel diplomacy directly to the Obama White House, courtesy of Hill…worth examining…”

Could it be Bill Clinton?


“Recently the Japanese weekly magazine Shukan Gendai quoted an unnamed senior North Korean official close to General Secretary Kim Jong Il who revealed that Pyongyang is conducting back-channel diplomacy directly to the Obama White House, courtesy of Hill. The official said that Hill “introduced to us an influential American who can convey our message directly to President Obama. Therefore, we have used that channel.”

Let’s see now.  Hill works for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  Hmmmm.  Her husband certainly would be able to communicate “diplomacy directly to the Obama White House.”  So, is President Obama using former President Bill Clinton for top secret talks with North Korea?  With an ego the size of Bill Clinton’s, we can only imagine how much he would love to broker some breath-taking deal.  HIllary does work closely with Hill.

From the Times:

“Hill, as portrayed in David Sanger’s book The Inheritance, gripes about the Bush administration…”these [expletives] don’t know how to negotiate.” He said that hard-line demarches favored by “neocons” were worse than the terms offered at Appomattox. But the inescapable fact is that N. Korea…in 2006…tested its first atom bomb. Hill’s crowning achievement was having N. Korea taken off the list of terrorist states….We [Times] wonder if Hill will speak firmly to Iran regarding Iranian weapons, training & intelligence support being used to destabilize Iraq & kill Americans, or dismiss those matters as impediments to reaching a “grand bargain” with Iran.”

So Hill sounds like a very interesting pick for Team Obama.  If he spits too, then he’d be the second cussing and spitting appointee that hates Bush.  Susan Rice, UN ambassador, describes herself as someone who cusses and spits when she thinks of George Bush.  As for Bill Clinton, we don’t have any insider info.  We’re just wondering if Billy Bob Clinton might be part of this cozy arrangement as well.


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