Is Hillary (cough) Clinton sick?

From Breitbart Clik2Visit - Hillary huge belly
From Breitbart Clik2Visit – Hillary huge belly
It’s a question that’s very fair to ask. Is Hillary Clinton healthy enough to be President? She disappears for days off the campaign trail then shows up and has a 4+ minute coughing spell at one appearance and had to quit taking easy questions from her lapdog media friends when she started coughing again.

We know she’s sick in the head and can’t quit lying, but something appears to be very wrong with her physically.

The bias in the media is beyond belief. The question Hillary gets is what does she think of the “conspiracy theories” about her health!! Conspiracy? If there’s a freaking conspiracy it’s on the part of the press for ignoring her terrible coughing fits. Why not ask when she will release her medical records?!

For Trump, the question is when will he release his taxes?! The press got that question from a Hillary staffer (another “reporter!”)

And did you see how huge and bloated her belly is? There is something very wrong with her.

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