Is Loretta Lynch an Idiot? She Doesn’t Know Why this is Happening?!

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.
Correct again. It never gets old.

lynchI have to ask if US Attorney General Loretta Lynch is an idiot or a liar?

She apparently has no idea what is causing black on white violence around the nation and numerous cop shootings. At least that’s what she claimed today. National Pro-regressive Radio (NPR) reports,

“She said federal and local law enforcement officials would meet in Detroit later this month to discuss ways to reduce violence.”The Department of Justice stands ready to support law enforcement around this country as they continue to fight every day to protect the communities that they serve and of which they are a vital part,” Lynch added.

Uhm, Madame Attorney General? It’s your own stupid racist boss, Barack Hugo Obama, who is causing the rise in racism, race tension, and cop killings! If the President would stop with his stupid comments about his fake son looking like Treyvon Martin or how cops act “stupidly” when they arrest a black friend of his, then maybe things would calm down.

President Obama has all but endorsed the increase in violence, the riots in Ferguson, and the rise in movements like the fake BlackLivesMatter group. He needs to grow up and at least PRETEND to be President of all Americans, not just uninformed democrat-voting minority Americans. Instead, he giggles with glee at every chance he gets to stir up hatred, division and chaos. He uses these people, with no concern whatsoever for lives lost, merely to advance his own mission to fundamentally change America.

You can skip your conference in Detroit, Ms. Lynch. Your solution is to get your boss to stop being a racist. You could try reminding him that his own Mom and two of his grandparents were WHITE!

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