Is Obama Mentally Unstable? “No Evidence?!”

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I’m serious. I’m wondering if President Barack Obama has a serious mental illness that impacts the way he thinks and acts. If he honestly believes what he said today

“Most of the stories you’ll hear about how ObamaCare just can’t work, they’re just not based on fact,” Obama said. He continued: “They said this would be a disaster in terms of jobs. There’s no widespread evidence that the Affordable Care Act is hurting jobs. … Reforming health care’s going to help the economy over the long-term.”

…then he is NUTS!

  1. Medicare Cuts, Obamacare Prompt Hospital Layoffs -More than a dozen hospitals cutting jobs, patient service – The Washington Free Beacon.
  2. Cleveland Clinic slashing jobs and a whopping $330-million from the amount it pours into the economy each year – Due to ObamaCare. – Gateway Pundit.
  3. Sea World is reducing hours of thousands of employees – Conservative American Michelle Malkin
  4. Georgia Health Care company laying off 100 workers due to the ObamaCare Nightmare – Conservative American Michelle Malkin
  5. Trader Joe’s and Wegman’s get rid of health benefits for part-timers thanks to Obama-doesn’t-care – Conservative American Michelle Malkin
  6. Companies plan massive layoffs as Obamacare becomes reality – Washington Times
  7. After the last election, FreedomWorks listed the layoffs the American people voted for – FreedomWorks
  8. Walgreens Drops Health Coverage Completely for 160,000 Employees who don’t get to keep their plan or their doctor or save an average of $2,500 a year in health expenses… all promises made by Obama. – TownHall
  9. Maryland Hospital wipes out 58 jobs due to ObamaCare – GOP list of ObamaCosts
  10. Since the start of May, hospital groups have announced plans to lay off nearly 6,000 workers!!Investor’s Business Daily


Obviously we could go on and on here with the list of Widespread Evidence! The President and his spokesperson are aware of these things. Yet, the President continues to lie, lie, lie. Perhaps he is mentally unstable, and desperate to have some kind of legacy he can carry with him to Mt. Rushmore. If everyone hates Obamacare, he’ll be remembered as even worse than Jimmy Carter!

Maybe his serial lying should be raised in Congress. Perhaps they can call for a qualified, independent mental health check for the President and report back to the public. Yes, I know it would never happen. ObamaCare wouldn’t cover it!!!

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