Is Paul Ryan the new John McCain?

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org

Paul Ryan - The New John McCain?

Paul Ryan – The New John McCain?

Is it just me or is Conservative American congressman Paul Ryan changing?  Seems after his bid to become Vice President he has decided to become “one of them.”  He seems to be positioning himself for a Presidential run in 2016 by making himself more of a centrist.

If that’s the case, he has bought into the Washington Republican “Think.”  These are the same folks who gave us John McCain and John McCain II/Mitt Romney.  We don’t need another presidential candidate who is a centrist or a DRINO (democrat or republican in name only — makes no difference).  We need someone like… well, like Paul Ryan used to be.

We need a bold Conservative American to make us feel great about this nation again, to encourage and uplift us, to inspire the economy and get the government out of the way, to end Obama-doesn’t-Care, dramatically reduce the size of government and cut taxes.

Now there’s word out that perhaps Paul Ryan is having not-so-secret meetings with a democrat counterpart to try to come to some agreement on the budget mess and pending debt ceiling issue.  Really?

Is that what we need in a leader? Someone who will sell us out again?  Someone trying to find a way for republicans to cave and still save face?  Someone running for the hills away from Conservative American Ted Cruz? Or someone with some backbone who will stand up for and embrace Conservative Americans and Tea Party people.

You know the world is odd when it seems John Boehner has more determination than congressman Paul Ryan.

So what’s going on? What do you think?

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