Is The U.S.A. about to O.D.? (Obama Depression)

August, 2011

Investors continue to worry that recession number two is already upon us. With some suggesting this could be worse than the one that started in 2008, we wonder if the USA is about to OD (Obama Depression)?


By Danny Dangerous, for ConservativeAmerican.org
Saying out loud what others aren’t quite ready to say yet.

Another recession?! Oh, crap. That’s NOT what we need. What happened to Obama’s recovery summer?!

Even the Great Obamanator called the last recession, “The Great Recession.” While there wasn’t anything ‘great’ about it, the Obama bunglers for some reason thought it would be good to call it a “Great” recession and blame it all on Bush. He inherited it, don’t ya know.

If, instead of recovery, we are merely entering another recession, then I have to wonder how much worse things will get. If nearly 1 in 6 Americans that want full-time good jobs can’t find them now, it wouldn’t take it getting much worse to change ‘recession’ to the dreaded “D” word.

Depression. That’s the D word.

And no, I’m not talking about how the whole country feels with the nation’s first Socialist president in power. Not that kind of depression (I feel ya, G). I’m talking about the economy. If we do wind up in an economic depression, we need to work overtime to be certain it is referred to as the Obama Depression.

He didn’t inherit this, he designed it.

So, what do YOU think? Do you think we could be headed for recession number two? Or, worse yet, a Depression?

Published on August 19, 2011

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