Is There Something Wrong with Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton Being Upset about Nude Photo Leaks?

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Pic reportedly of Jennifer Lawrence.  Celebrity Jihad Pic - Click2Visit. Warning NSFW.
Pic reportedly of Jennifer Lawrence. Celebrity Jihad Pic – Click2Visit. Warning NSFW.
There’s something that doesn’t quite jive with me about Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence being so upset about the nude photos of them that were leaked by hackers.

Should women who make millions of dollars specifically because of their beauty and the fact they want men to be ogling over them, really be able to complain when that’s what actually happens?

Now, for liberals and pretend-women’s-rights types, I know you won’t read any further, so I bid you farewell knowing that you will make whatever comments you want that fit the stereotypes you will attribute to me. So be it.

For the rest of you, I realize there is more to it than the question I pose above and would like to explain.

First, the pictures. Adults who take photos of themselves or allow themselves to be photographed naked do so either for purposes that they are very comfortable with and have made healthy adult choices about, or they do so feeling forced, threatened or seeing no other way of accomplishing a certain task. The first, I suggest, can be a personal and positive thing between one or more adults. The latter, obviously, is a very serious matter where decisions are made for the wrong reasons or due to abuse. I do not condone or approve of any of that kind of activity ever.

Leaked pic supposedly of Kate Upton.  Bangers & Nash Pic. Click2Visit. Warning NSFW
Leaked pic supposedly of Kate Upton. Bangers & Nash Pic. Click2Visit. Warning NSFW
Some of the women who have had nude photographs leaked are directly or indirectly confirming these are legitimate pictures of them without clothing on. One even said they were personal things shared with her husband. Both Kate and Jennifer have seemingly ‘confirmed’ through statements made on their behalf that the pictures are legit. For the purpose of explaining my question and concern here, let’s assume both women were willing participants in the photographs. They certainly seem to have been. That means they made a personal decision that they are very comfortable with their own bodies, their own sexyness or attractiveness not only to themselves but to another special person. Good for them! I mean that. What a blessing to feel so good about one’s self and to be so comfortable with their own sexuality. They chose to take the picture, or have the picture taken, assuming it would remain private and would be a healthy, even playful, thing to share with someone they care deeply about. With me so far?

I do not condone the stealing of private possessions from other people, even if these images were sent over public airwaves and stored in some computer “cloud” somewhere that was supposedly secure. This should not have happened and it is wrong. In that sense, these women are indeed victims here. No one, even a superstar, deserves to have private and intimate things stolen from them and shared with others. I understand this must be embarrassing for each of the people involved.

I’m not going to make (sorry liberals) the stupid and invalid argument here that women who dress “too sexy” may “deserve” to be raped. That goes beyond just being wrong into the territory of being disturbed. Do some women show off a bit too much? Yes. Do they, even if they are movie stars, deserve to be hurt because of it? No. Never. So I will not say Jennifer and Kate deserved this. They did not.

"Approved" Jennifer Lawrence image from Horror Asylum. Click2Visit.
“Approved” Jennifer Lawrence image from Horror Asylum. Click2Visit.
I’m just being honest here and keeping this national conversation real. I’m likely saying what many other people think but are too afraid to state. Here it is. I guess I just don’t see much difference in what these women have willingly shared and what was taken from them. If a woman gladly makes millions of dollars showing off her sexy body to ogling men… Remember these women know there are crazies out there. They have body guards. They also continue to willingly profit from ogling… can that woman (it’s a question, not a statement) still complain loudly when images surface online that hardly allow people to ogle anything more than what they have already seen? Many of the approved pictures these women have shared publicly are purposefully titillating, designed to arouse, to sell.

While embarassing, the stolen photos will likely make the women more popular than ever allowing them to earn even more money. Does that make it right to steal images? No. It’s just the way things will work.

The women released statements before most people even knew anything about the images, drawing even more attention to them. Was that the right thing to do? Should they have waited? Or simply kept quiet? Should they have admitted the pictures are real or claimed they were fake?

Look at the pictures on this page of Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence. For each of them, one of the pictures they happily profited from and one is an edited version from the attributed source of a photo that was stolen. The edits we made ensure that our site is not sharing any depiction of any portion of either Jennifer or Kate that they have not profited from sharing themselves. If you only came here hoping to get a free glimpse of the forbidden, too bad. You won’t find it here.

Looking at the pictures here, I’m sorry, but I don’t see all that much difference. In the public photo of Jennifer Lawrence, one can see a large portion of her breasts and there is the appearance through a shirt of one of her niples. We can assume she approved this image and profited from it. The picture of Kate is even more clear. In it, she appears to tease viewers with the possibility that they may get to see more. We can also assume that Kate approved this image and profited from it.

"Approved" pic of Kate Upton from Creaky Row Boat - Click2Visit
“Approved” pic of Kate Upton from Creaky Row Boat – Click2Visit
Should they be upset with those who stole and leaked the pictures? Yes.

But, Should they be upset with fans who want to see what the teasing has been hiding? I don’t think so.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead tweeted, “To those of you looking at photos I took with my husband years ago in the privacy of our home, hope you feel great about yourselves.” Hey, Mary Elizabeth, to you who enjoys all the money you make from people ogling at your beauty, why get mad at your fans when they want to see the tiny little bit that you’ve actually been hiding? The real beef is with those who leaked the photos.

Also, if you are a superstar, perhaps you should realize that having these photographs on a “cloud” somewhere is not the best thing for you to do. Papparazzi are always after you looking for a wardrobe malfunction. You may want to take steps to ensure that doesn’t happen. Is there absolutely no personal responsibility here?

Okay, if you made it this far, feel free to comment and rip me a new one.

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