It’s NOT the Internet: Two 12-year-old Girls Stab Another 12-year-old Girl 19 Times in Waukesha, Wisconsin

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

In a bizarre and disturbing story, two little girls are charged with attempted murder for trying to kill a “friend” they invited over for a birthday sleepover. It is hard for us as Americans to stomach. The 2 planned the attack for months and are charged as adults. Reports say 12-year-old Morgan Geyser, and 12-year-old Anissa Weier were charged Monday. The victim’s name has not been released yet.

Around the nation, when there is a terrible crime involving guns, President Obama is quick to jump in and blame the gun and demand gun control. Yet, others own guns and don’t kill people. In fact, millions own guns and never kill anyone. As you know, dear reader, it’s not the gun, it’s the person.

In this Wisconsin case, the authorities are quick to blame the internet. Yet, others who use the internet don’t kill people. In fact, millions and millions use the internet, even 12-year-old girls like my own daughter who lives in Waukesha, Wiscons, and they never kill anyone. It’s not the internet, it’s the people.

My oldest son, many years ago, attended the same middle school all three girls attended. This one hits home.

So, as you learn about this disturbing story from the video here, keep in mind, it’s not the internet. It is the horrible people involved…

Please pray for those involved, especially the 12-year-old victim who remains hospitalized in stable but serious condition. God is good. He sent strength to the victim so she could crawl out of the woods to a nearby road. She is a very strong and brave survivor. As the song says, she has ‘the eye of the tiger.’ She is a survivor and God willing, she will pull through and come out even stronger. God sent someone riding a bike to pass by and find the girl. Amen.

The girls claim they were influenced by the website CreepyPasta which talks about the ficticious child murderer, slender man. Again, others go to this site and do not kill people. I am not saying the website is wonderful or awful. I am merely stating the fact that the internet did not cause this attack. Distrubed little girls, one of whom said she felt nothing while stabbing the “friend,” caused this. This is a horrible story that brings shame on my hometown, a suburban Milwaukee community.

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