It’s Over. Obama is an Idiot. Invites Common to White House.

Published May 10, 2011

The President is once again hanging out with “Common,” some lefty loon rapper who thinks he is a poet and writes about burning George W. Bush. The debate is over now. Obama is, in fact, an idiot.


By Peter Andrew
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President Obama has picked socialist Carol Browner as a top adviser. He has picked communist Van Jones to be his green jobs czar. He’s picked a man who wants to force sterilization of youths in America to control population as his Science czar. He’s got a militant homosexual who has failed to report abuse of kids as his “Safe Schools czar!”

He has demonstrated years and years of terrible choices when it comes to picking his friends, writing in his own book about how he purposely sought out the Marxists and feminists to hang out with in college.

You would think now that he is President he might actually start making some wise choices. You would be wrong.

After hanging out with Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. (known as “Common” for some bizarre reason) in October of 2010 in Chicago at a liberal loon convention, Obama thought it would be cool to have him over to hang at the White House. FOXy Blondes News notes what Common is famous for…

“some of his songs and poems feature violent imagery. In one poem, he called for the metaphorical burning of President George W. Bush — a “burning Bush.” …Obama most likely met Common at Trinity United Church of Christ, a church that Obama attended for 20 years and Common grew up attending. …But Common [also] defended [Rev. Jeremiah] Wright. “He never really was against white people or another race,” Common told Electronic Urban Report in 2008. “It was more against an establishment that was oppressing people. I think we all can see that this country has problems and a lot of it starts in the political system.” [and from one of his “poems”] “…why they messing with Saddam? Burn a Bush cos’ for peace he no push no button/Killing over oil and grease/no weapons of destruction.”

Surely the consistent “Common” will come out with a new poem soon about Obama. Perhaps something like, “Why they messing with Muammar? Burn a Obama cos’ for peace he no push no button/Killing over oil and grease/no reason for destruction.”

The President is a fool to hang out with people who have written threatening lyrics about another former President. He is a hypocrite for telling Americans the debate must be civil, but hugging uncivil debaters like Common.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the President of the United States is an idiot.

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