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By Peter Andrew – originally posted in 2011 – Updated 2013 & in 20141
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Conservative American Woman of the Week – # 24
Jedediah Bila!
We know Red-Blooded American men and women love to look at Hot Conservative American Women. So, we feature Hot Conservative American Women for your enjoyment!

Now, men get criticized for only noticing a woman’s features and beauty and not paying attention to what women say. We don’t want to be part of that. We want to recognize intelligent women who are first, Conservative Americans. So, to be eligible, the female must be intelligent and either a strong Conservative American voice, or a person fair to Conservative Americans most of the time.

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To our critics who may say we only are looking at appearance, let me just say that it’s not our fault angry liberal women are not as attractive as positive, happy, Conservative American women!! You are always welcome to add or view comments to let us know what you think, or who else we should feature. We appreciate you visiting ConservativeAmerican.org. You can visit Jedediah’s website here!



You Wish.
You Wish.
From Jedediah's website
From Jedediah’s website














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OMG! Deal me in!

















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