Jeff Flake needs to Shuddup

For decades now Conservative Americans have had no choice but to plug our noses and vote for the GOP nominee. We supported Mitt Romney. We supported Johny Maverdick McCain.

Now some entrenched republican cry-baby insiders like Arizona’s Jeff Flake (and Romney and McCain) are trying to make names for themselves by proudly and loudly stating they just can’t plug their nose and support Trump. Give us a damn break.

Shame on these spoiled little brats. We supported them! But they don’t care. This is different, they say. Just ask George Will. Oh give us a break. The only difference is your candidates lost this time. Get over yourselves.

People like Flake should shuddup and sit down. These clowns in the dying GOP who expect us to fall in line behind them and their pre-selected candidate every election just don’t know what to do now that their guys lost.

Hey Flake, you loser, do the same damn thing we have done year after year and support the nominee. If you can’t do that then switch parties and support Hillary you little weasel.

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