Jindal Vs. Mayor

March 27th, 2009

By Peter Andrew ConservativeAmerican.org

Bloomberg News is reporting a democrat Louisiana mayor who’s town lost paper mill jobs thinks Conservative American Gov. Bobby Jindal is nuts for turning down unemployment money from the Obama Deficit Stimulus Plan.

From Bloomberg:

“With U.S. joblessness at a 25-year high, the rejection by Jindal and five other Republican governors of more than $1.8 billion of the stimulus has drawn protests from Democrats and their allies.  In Alaska, Governor Sarah Palin rejected $288 million, including funds for education and social services. She cited concerns about sustaining the spending after federal help ends. South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford has said he’ll refuse $700 million in stimulus money. He says the funds will not create jobs and will merely add to the national deficit. Lawmakers in both states, including some Republicans, say they will try to overrule the governors and accept South Carolina’s full $2.8 billion and Alaska’s $930 million.  Behind the clashes, which have given rise to television commercials by the Democrat National Committee in South Carolina and labor rallies in Louisiana and Texas, is one common theme: a debate over whether state unemployment insurance programs are the right vehicles for helping the needy.”

Read more from the Bloomberg article here.

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