Just Days After Saying Sanctions Don’t Work, Obama Imposes Sanctions on North Korea

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

One thing you can count on with Barack Obama; his words mean nothing, even to him.

Just days ago he ‘normalized’ relations with Cuba announcing sanctions didn’t work. Shortly after that, Russia said sanctions do work, claiming US sanctions against them were part of what was killing their economy. Today, President Obama agreed with Vladimir Putin and imposed sanctions on North Korea.

As if North Korea cares. Obama and Hillary Clinton have each promised super tough sanctions before if North Korea did x or y. They did, and there were either no sanctions or silly sanctions that had no impact. This time the sanctions are only against a few key members of Team Kim Jong Un. Whoopee.


Foxy Blondes News reports the sanctions are in response to the No-Ko-Mon attack on Sony. Problem is, experts don’t believe North Korea even pulled that off!

Obama foreign policy is a disaster. Just the way he planned it.

Obama sees only victims and oppressors in the world. The USA and white people in general are oppressors who need to be punished in his judgement. His supreme role, on which he once claimed his own eternal salvation depends, is to right this great wrong. From the Official Obama Administration Scandals list (# 6) , we recall the bizarre interview he gave in 1995 where…

“…Obama also made the bizarre spiritual claim that his own eternal fate remains tied up with the fate of the African American community… “That my individual salvation is not gonna come about without a collective salvation for the country.” – So, he has to save the Black people or he will go to hell?! What kind of comment is that?! Obama continued, “Uhm, unfortunately I think that recognition requires we make sacrifices and this country has not always been willing to make the sacrifices necessary to bring about a new day and a new age.” His own salvation with God is “tied up” to “SAVING” the African American community?! These are bizarre statements from a confused man…

He wouldn’t have won the White House campaigning on that!

These sanctions are meaningless.

Look for Obama to visit North Korea before leaving office, promising the evil white power structure in the USA will no longer be so darn mean to North Korea.

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