Leslie Marshall Responds to 2,000th Military Death under Obama

Liberal Radio Talk Show Host Leslie Marshall
Liberal Radio Talk Show Host Leslie Marshall
By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

“The reality is that our troops died in both Iraq and Afghanistan due to terrorists like Al Qaeda and the Taliban,” said nationally syndicated radio talk show host Leslie Marshall. “But thousands of lives would not have been lost if we had not been in Iraq. And that decision belongs to President Obama’s predecessor; not he.”

ConservativeAmerican.org reportedly exclusively yesterday that the number of military deaths under President Barack Obama had reached the “tragic milestone” (that’s what liberal John Kerry called it when it happened to President George W. Bush) of 2,000 military deaths since he took office. ConservativeAmerican.org’s David Kraemer was able to get in touch with national liberal radio talk show host Leslie Marshall to get her reaction to the story.

Marshall seems to be saying that despite the milestone, it’s still (you guessed it) all Bush’s fault. And she may have also been taking our number of 2,000 to task. We knew that would happen and said so yesterday, explaining why our numbers would show a higher total than some lists.

Here’s exactly what Marshall shared with Kraemer. You can read it and make up your own mind…(link is ours)

Although many conservatives feel that we liberals always compare/contrast Bush/Obama; I am not one of them. For today, however I have to with regard to these numbers [ConservativeAmerican.org’s report of the 2,000th death]. So let’s look at the actual numbers/facts. In the Iraq War, under former President George W Bush; 4222 troops died. Under President Obama 264. In Iraq, in 2012 under President Obama, one person died; and through November of 2013 ? ZERO. As far as Afghanistan, under President Obama, 1662 troops have died and under President George W Bush, 581. Now that we have the numbers; which clearly show that more troops died total in our overseas conflicts (remember neither are ‘wars’), more troops died under President George W Bush.

Now let’s look at the two conflicts. Iraq was the invasion of a sovereign nation; which most of America and Congress agreed to invade, based on a lie. Once the truth came out, polls showed that the majority of Americans were against our being in Iraq and having invaded a sovereign nation, as did our allies. Who got us into Iraq? Former President Bush. Who got us out? Current President Obama.

In contrast, Afghanistan is a conflict that the majority of Americans supported as did our allies throughout the world. And most recently, our nation feels it is time for our troops to come home. And they are.

The reality is that our troops died in both Iraq and Afghanistan due to terrorists like Al Qaeda and the Taliban. But thousands of lives would not have been lost if we had not been in Iraq. And that decision belongs to
President Obama’s predecessor; not he. The decision to go into Afghanistan where thousands of lives were also lost belong to former President Bush as well. And as for bringing those troops home? That will happen on President
Obama’s watch.

I’m trying to follow some of this. So, is she saying ‘Yeah, soldiers died under Obama. But more died under Bush!’? Is this a race or something? The one with the highest score loses? These are people we are talking about. The entire point of the controversial Obama Death Count was to point out the lunacy of the liberal left using the Bush Death Counts for political gain. We created an equally absurd Obama Death Count to point out how foolish it was of the left to use soldier deaths for political gain.

We invaded Iraq based on a lie? We’re sure tired of that line. When stating what you know to be true, with the facts available at the time, that is not called a lie (unless you subscribe to the Michael Moore-on school of logic). Obviously, there was no huge stash of weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq upon the invasion. Many believe the stockpile had simply been moved to Syria, where it has caused continued problems. Bush did not lie. He stated what he believed to be true at the time and simply repeated the same claim that his predecessor (Billy Bob Clinton) had said about WMD’s being in Iraq.

Who got us out? It’s quite the stretch for Marshall to give credit to Obama for getting us out of Iraq when all he did was allow the plan Bush put together to take place. Bush was responsible for ending that “conflict” and getting us out. Barack Obama left 50,000 troops behind and made up the fake term “Non-combat Soldier” to describe them. Nonsense!

Marshall may be correct about Obama bringing troops home from Afghanistan as Team Obama prepares to simply quit the war effort and come home with something less than “victory,” a word her President is uncomfortable with anyway.

This is America and debate is good. Kraemer and I appreciate Marshall’s willingness to add her view. She is a talented professional and we respect that. You can hear her nationally syndicated radio talk show mon-fri 7-10pm/e. Her program can be heard via stream. You’ve also seen Marshall on Fox News, the Five, The OReilly Factor, The Kelly File, Hannity, The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson and America’s Newsroom.

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