Let the Islamists Destroy Each Other

The United States has a unique opportunity right now to help the Islamists destroy each other.

The Sunni Islamists taking over parts of Syria and Iraq have even been destorying Muslim Mosques. In an attempt to destroy the Shia Islamists, they are purposely wiping out sites the Shia view as holy and, as Fox News reports, they have even threatened Mecca.

This infighting gives us a tremendous opportunity. The U.S. could arm both sides and help each side to destroy the other until neither is left. If these two sides are fighting, this can only be good news for the so-called Western World. The Islamists are against any Western lifestyle that allows women to be educated and respected. These people invented the war on women. So democrats should support my idea because it will help millions of women.

This ancient and doomed Islamist lifestyle is being threatened and they are blaming each other. So, here’s a thought.

It goes something like this: When the enemy of our enemy also is our enemy, we should support our enemy in its effort destroy our enemy. Follow that?

Let them fight. Help them fight. Let them wipe each other out. Good riddance.

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