Letters from Home

Swift Boating Kerry

Captain Courageous is back.  US Senator John Kerry, who made a political career and married a billionaire all because of lies he told about things that did not happen in Vietnam, is back on the wrong side of the military.  Oh but he is so brave!

Maybe he and the Cowardly Courageous Lion, Eric Let ‘Em Go Holder, can get together to discuss racial harmony soon.

Kerry stopped off in Gaza the other day (probably just for a nice lunch since he was just in the neighborhood) and picked up a letter from a terrorist group to give to the President of the United States!  Don’t we have any good covert operations anymore?  Couldn’t one of our guys have paid these guys to keep him?

Kerry thought it would be a good idea to chat with the terrorists so he stopped by for tea with Hamas.  He’s the chair of the freaking foreign relations committee in the US Senate, for goodness sake.  He doesn’t even know who our enemies are!  You can’t negotiate with terrorists who only want the complete destruction of Israel.  And when they’re done with that, the USA is next on the Hamas list.  At least they will have friends here as they go home shopping.  Maybe Kerry and the Ketchup Queen can take their Hamas pals out to look for housing in their neighborhood!

“The visit does not indicate any shift whatsoever with respect to Hamas,” he said.

Oh, of course not!  We always sit down for tea with these losers, right?  Well, it could be worse, I guess.  Barack Hugo Obama might have won the election and become President…..oh, wait…..nevermind.

UPDATE: Kerry panicked when he found out the press knew about this!  Quickly he handed over the letter to others and said he had no idea where it came from!

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