Liberal Charities Pledge to Drop Fossil-Fuel Investments & Invest in Noise Pollution Instead!

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.


Some charitable foundations are dropping that evil, black, corporate-jet-flying fossil fuel stuff to invest in noise pollution and the destruction of our natural landscapes.  Aren’t they cool?!

A group of lefty Foundations is teaming up to pledge to divest their investments in fossil fuels. They all plan to completely dump their investments in oil, coal and natural gas. And, being so generous themselves, they pledge to have at least 5% (wow, how underwhelming) of their investments in businesses that lose money like the wind and solar power industries being pushed by President Barack Obama. These Foundations are buying into the ridiculous notion that somehow green energy, like solar power and those giant, ugly, noisy windmills, can somehow provide us all the power we need! Nonsense.

Americans will buy wind and solar power when it becomes to their financial advantage and not before. These failing companies have to find a way to make their products efficient and affordable. You know all those ugly white windmills they put up everywhere? Turns out before the companies can even make enough money off of one of those to pay for putting the thing up, they have to spend more money and replace the blades! What a total waste! These are also noise polluters and destroy the beautiful natural landscape these same Foundations pretend to support.

The Chronicle of Philanthropy is reporting 17 Foundations with $2-Billion in assets (obviously not all in fossil fuel related companies) are announcing today that they are taking part in this hypocrisy. Among them, the Ben & Jerry’s Foundation, and the Schmidt Family Foundation (Google executive chairman).

This self-defeating plan to continue the liberal war on coal, war on oil and war on natural gas is tiresome and not based in truth. These people are against the very things they get their own power from. Their offices are powered by electricity from coal power plants. The cars, buses, planes and trains they use to get to work are powered by oil and its byproducts. Natural gas heats their homes or businesses.

This is nothing more than an attempt to say, “Hey! Look at us! We’re better than you! We have higher and better morals than you and we CARE about the earth.”

I say we let all of them live by their words and get their power from wind and solar. Let’s see if the wind can blow their sidewalk surfboard to work each day. Let’s see if solar power can heat and power their homes, offices, and charities they fund year-round.

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