Liberal “Elitist 8” NCLA Tournament Action

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Some real shockers this year in the NCLA March Madness tournament! The 64 top liberal-democrats in the nation have been competing for the national liberal championship and in huge defeats, both Queen Michelle-uh Obama and His Barackness, King Obama the First have been defeated!

top democrats list
Click2Enlarge – Liberal March Madness!

Other leaders to fall already (yet, not soon enough in some odd way) include Health & Abortion Services Director Kathleen “there won’t be a delay” Sebelius and the self-described “cussing and spitting” Susan Rice, who lied to the nation on five different shows about Benghazi and has no regrets. She now runs the agency in charge of spying on American citizens.

The eight pro-regressive liberals have made it into the Elitist 8 in the NCLA March Madness tournament are: Harry Reid, Nancy Plastic Face Pelosi who claimed the wealthy pay “not one red cent” in taxes, Screaming Mad Hillary Clinton,liberal nut-job Rosa Brooks, Andrew Cuomo (one of the three NY Stooges), Treasury Lib Jacob Lew who earned $900,000 bonus as a Wall Street Fat Cat (the ones Obama pretended to hate – #1560 at the link), Mary the-vote-that-passed-Obamacare Landrieu, and close Obama friend Oprah Winfrey who happened to forget Obama is half white.

We released Liberal Championship brackets the same day the Constitutional March Madness was released by Conservative American U.S. Senate Candidate Ben Sasse.

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