Liberal Union Teachers Making Racial Tension Worse

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right.

Why are we (as a society) allowing liberal union school instructors to teach little kids that white people are bad and that black people have no hope?

Through history, social studies, and political bias and agendas, our kids are taught that the evil white man has ruined things for everyone. White men all but eliminated native Americans. White men enslaved black people. White men ran big companies and took advantage of workers. Lesson: White men are bad and big companies are bad. Second Lesson: Unions and teachers are always good an honest, white guilt is just and right.

Meanwhile, the black kids in society are taught that they don’t have it as good as white people, they never will, the deck is stacked against them. Lesson: You will fail. There is nothing you can do to avoid that. They have few role models and the War on Poverty has stolen religion and morals from the black families in America. It’s a crime to tell a young person that just won’t be able to achieve what another young person can only because their skin is a different color.

Unless you’re in a big city, that’s all bull. White guilt may belong to our grandparents and great-great grandparents, but not to us, not by birth.

The unavoidable failure of blacks may belong to our grandparents and great-great grandparents, but not to us. We can’t let these so-called ‘adults’ teach us to accept their own white guilt anymore than we can allow them to teach blacks to accept their predetermined place in history, a place where they are prevented from achievements. You are not responsible for what your ancestors and your neighbor’s ancestors may, or may not have, done!

You can do anything you want to do. Learn to read. Then read. Teach yourself things, don’t wait for teachers to get around to what interests you. Go! You have the internet and educational TV and other opportunities to find the information yourself and to learn it. Dream big! You can even be President of the United States!

Don’t listen to anyone who tries to hold you down and prevent you from achieving your dreams. These are small people with small minds. Ask yourself why they would want to teach you that things are stacked against you and that you cannot hope to succeed in your life. Why would they do that? What motive would they have? Who profits from that? Who wins by holding you down and preventing your success?

As for the big cities, the schools are indeed failing inner-city kids of all races. The fact is that white politicians and black politicians alike, for the most part, just don’t give a damn. Republicans, liberals, democrats and conservatives, for the most part, are quite comfortable just letting those kids fail… year after year. To be fair, democrats run most big cities and control most big city school boards. So why, after 50 years, have they done nothing to help inner city kids improve in Chicago? in Milwaukee? Who profits from this institutionalized racism that permanently sentences black people to a lower standard?

Things could be improved in big cities. Require uniforms. Have longer school days and hold school year-round with just a few weeks off. For kids in trouble with gangs or the law, judges should make part of their sentence to attend a public boarding school. You live there. You don’t go out at night. You go to bed instead. Your gang friends don’t get in to visit. You attend school, adjust to strong discipline, learn to improve yourself. You graduate and you move on to better things, one of which could be to open your own business in that same community to help lift others up in the process.

Enough excuses!

There are solutions but politicians have to give a damn for some of these solutions to be tried and tested. Instead, they just give up on, and ignore these kids and their futures. It isn’t right. It’s time for politicians to end the programs that have failed and to care about people of all color, even those who live in big cities and not only those in the suburbs and rural areas.

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