Like Your A+ Doctor? How about a B- Doctor?

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Gas guzzling internet horsepower.

If you need surgery soon, would you pick he doctor who earns a grade of A+ or the doctor who earns a grade of B-?  No doubt, you’d pick the higher scoring doctor.  But you’re not in Obamacare yet.

Team Obama’s White House has decided that a grade of B- is success.  And these are the people in charge of your health care!  So, if 80% of your surgery goes okay and 20% goes terribly wrong, then that will be judged a success!

With the Obamacare Nightmare, they have now decided that if 80% of the people who try to register on the Obamacare website are actually able to do so, that’s good enough.  They will call that a success.  By normal grading scales, an 80% score is a B-minus.  Welcome to the democrat-induced disease of Obamacare.

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