Limbaugh Agrees: Congress is Failing & It’s Because of Obama’s Race

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right with unique and fun conservative news & views.

rushjpgRush Limbaugh agrees with ConservativeAmerican.org;  The checks and balances designed to keep the nation safe from tyranny and from a President becoming a dictator are failing.  And they are failing because of Obama’s race.

House Speaker John Boehner said this week the republicans in control of congress will not pass any immigration reform this year.  Why should they, he said, when they have no trust at all that the President would enforce the new law.

Rush Limbaugh today called the fact that no one can trust the President to adhere to the law a “Crisis.” He then spoke an obvious truth, “Nobody has the courage to do anything about it because of his race.”

And there lies the frustration of the nation! Maybe the racist Attorney General Eric Holder was right when spoke about a “nation of racial cowards.”

We’ve been saying the same thing that Limbaugh amplified today. From our post just the other day

 “Congress and the Senate do not even try to check or balance this President.”

& From our call to impeach the President

Why do we all stand by and just allow him to continue? The permanent D.C. politicians don’t have the appetite to impeach Obama. Why does John Boehner allow it? For that matter, why does Harry Reid allow it, or the media? Too many people still have a romance with the notion of the nation’s first half-white, half-black President and they just don’t seem to want impeachment to happen to him. You know, for ‘history’s sake.’ The President knows that and plays it for all its worth.”

We then advised those who are supposed to be the checks and balances on Dictator Obama’s “pen and phone” to get over their fear and forget about the President’s skin color…

It’s not about the color of his skin. It’s about the content of his character. It’s about the future of this country.”

If we focused on his character instead, the poor lamestream media would have to give up on their romance with the man they always call the first “black president,” despite the fact he is no such thing.

We all know Obama’s mother was white and he was raised in part by his white grandparents.  The media always wants to ignore the ONE HALF of him that is white, by just calling him “Black.”  It makes a better story to have the first black president, they think, than to have the first bi-racial or mixed-race president.  Obama called himself a “mutt.”  He’s just as much white as he is black.  It is a false narrative that is beyond aggravating because the GOP follows the media’s lead. Republican leaders are convinced they better not even dare to try to do anything about the President’s lawlessness and the instances where he ignores the Constitution. After all, why damage the reputation of the one they call the nation’s first black Presidentright?

This racist belief that the President should not be accountable due to his skin color has got to end. Ignoring it simply allows the President to use their fear to his advantage by continuing to disregard the law, remind us he has a pen and a phone, and ignore the Constitution.

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