Limbaugh Agrees: on ObamaCare, You Aint Seen Nothin’ Yet!

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – The stormy Midwest rises!

The theme of Rush Limbaugh’s show today was basically a warning that when it comes to Obamacare, you aint seen nothin’ yet!

obama doesn't care about you
…about you.

Leading the way Right, ConservativeAmerican.org has been pointing out the same thing.  Here’s what we wrote last week…

“If you are not impacted yet and think you are safe for now, beware!  You may find out in a year that your company has dropped you into the unaffordable doesn’t-care act (UDA).  You will realize when that happens, and you will remember reading this; Obama doesn’t care about you either! I’m concerned that there are millions of Americans upset about the President’s lie, but taking some comfort in the fact this hasn’t effected them.  They have not yet realized there will be tens of millions that will lose the plans they like when their own employers stop providing coverage and dump them into this nightmare.”

And before that, we said

“Oh, and for those liberals who love this man, remember how the President keeps repeating this his only 5% of Americans that this lie impacts.  Unless this nightmare law is repealed, tens of Millions will lose the plan they liked next year when employers decide to save money by dumping employees into this democrat “Democare” Nightmare.”

Rush Limbaugh noted today that more than 100-million could lose their employer-provided plans if they are deemed by Obama to be illegal plans.  Rest assured many of you have plans that do not meet the new O-care standards and you will lose your plan.

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