Limbaugh Follows Our Lead on Hillary 2012

Monday, October 11th, 2010

By Peter Andrew
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Rush Hudson Limbaugh today said the media needs a new narrative.

“…they are desperate at the Drive-By Media for a new storyline. They had Obama was the messiah! Obama was post-partisan, was post-racist, post-racial, post-achievement, post-American. Obama was it. All that turned out to be a hoax.”

And what does Rush think the new narrative will be?

“…the whole thing about Obama was a hoax, and they need a new storyline now. They don’t like the last one, and they need to get readership, they need to get viewership. And Obama got them that to an extent, but now it’s all vanishing. But in addition all that they need to save their own rear ends. They are the ones that bought the Obama fable. They are the ones who promulgated the Obama fable. They are the ones who essentially sold it to us. Now, the next storyline is Hillary in 2012. Have you picked up on that? That’s the next storyline. Don’t doubt me on this. I have made a career out of studying the left. I know how they do things. I, El Rushbo, can read the stitches on the fastball. Hillary in 2012. First woman president. Brings the Clintons back to the White House. The good old days of Camelot 2. The Hillary toughness; the Bill trembling lip. Don’t doubt me.”

Leading the way RIGHT, ConservativeAmerican.org has been saying this for weeks! Even the libs are dumping on Obama now. He’ll be taking a lot of them down with him and they’re ticked off! As we said on September 11th...

“We all know Hillary Clinton wants to be President of the United States. She is (correctly) convinced now that America abhors President Obama and his Socialist-Democrat radical agenda. This is her shot. She can get out after the midterm elections and start her “Hillary 2012? campaign. She can pretend to be a centrist like her husband… I suggest Michelle Obama start looking for a country she can be proud of to live in starting in January 2013.”

Continues below…

“Peter, I love the book! I left it sitting in plain site during my daughter’s graduation open house and it got a lot of attention! I had people tell me they can’t wait to read it!” – A.L

With all the talk of how “easy” it will be to defeat Obama in 2012 (a bit early for that kind of talk, folks… a lot can change in two years), we urged readers on October 1st NOT TO ASSUME Obama will even be the Democrat nominee in 2012

“Hillary Clinton wants the job. She wants the crown as the first woman President. Watch for her to resign as early as November 3rd and as late as January 31st of 2011… I will go as far as to say that Hillary Clinton is the likely Democrat Presidential nominee in 2012. It’s probably a bit early for that, but it is what I believe right now. And, it’s way too soon to assume Barack Hussein Obama will automatically get the nomination in 2012.”

More talk picked up October 6th when whispers spread around D.C. that Obama might dump Biden for Hillary in 2012. That never seemed realistic to me. Hillary has no intention of being “number 2,” and especially not if Obama is number 1! We said…

“Ask yourself why now? Why is this news [of a possible Obama-Hillary ticket] breaking from Woodward right now? 2012 is a long way off. Ah, but if Hillary RahmRod Clinton wants to run in 2012, she’ll have to start making some moves quickly. Thus, our prediction that she would move on by the end of January and start putting her own team together. The White House Obamster can’t let that happen. He has to try to do something. And, he may have to do something, even if it is only making a promise to Hillary, in the next four months.”

Now, Radio King Rush Limbaugh says the media may adopt Hillary Clinton and make her the new “storyline” for the next two years. This only underscores what we have been suggesting and increases the possibility that Republicans will not be running against Obama in 2012.

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