Limbaugh & Levin Notice the Media Hypocrisy on Obama Casualty Count

By Peter Andrew -originally posted December 4th, 2010
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Rush Limbaugh: Death Count Hypocrisy

While the lamestream media no longer pays attention to military casualties since a Democrat is in the White House, a few on the right have joined us in pointing out this huge hypocrisy.

Rush Limbaugh noted the Obama Media’s lack of interest on October 19th, 2009, pointing out that democrats “reveled in the number of deaths, trumpeted it, made it sound like it was the first time we ever had a death in war” when Bush was in office, but no longer seemed to care.


The “Great One,” Mark Levin, also has taken notice of the Obama Death Count mentioning the issue of the number of troop deaths since Obama took office on his radio show and linking to us on his popular website.

While it is an honor to be in the great company of Limbaugh and Levin, it is a shame so few others have noted this blazing liberal hyprocrisy.

The media, the anti-war demonstrators, and the Democrat-Socialist party should all be ashamed of themselves for politicizing the death counts when Bush was in office merely to make certain that Barack Hussein Obama could win the White House.

It’s likely that no other conclusion can be drawn. How else do you explain the dramatic lack of interest now that Obama is in the White House?

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Some in the lefty press have covered a few events, such as when the number of military deaths from Afghanistan became higher under Obama than it was under Bush. However, the ABCDEmocrat News’ Nightline interest in reading all the names of the fallen is gone. The Couric-BS network is no longer interested in Dan Blather’s mission to show pictures of the fallen warrirors every evening. The New York Times isn’t even bothering to keep count anymore. If they were, why wouldn’t they have this story today? There is no doubting the Al-Gore’s-Ego-sized hypocrisy on this one, folks.

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