Limbaugh: Obama the Pretender

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Now open 24 hours a day.

Rush Limbaugh today echoed what we said yesterday. Rush talked about how annoying it is for the President to claim that he and his pals are the only ones who care about you. The only ones! This is because of the Obama comments like, “Nobody madder than I am,” or “Nobody more frustrated than me.”

Yesterday we compared the President’s constant use of the phrase, “Nobody xyz’s more than me,” to the “Brass in Pocket” song by the Pretenders. The lyrics of the song say, “Nobody else here. Nobody but me. I’m special. So Special.” Sure sounds like the President! http://conservativeamerican.org/obama-nobody-else-here/

We pointed out that, like that band name, Obama ‘The Pretender,’ just fakes it when he claims to be so concerned about you and this problem. It’s as if he is just a spectator to his own actions!

Limbaugh today echoed that sentiment as well saying the President is “Just pretending.” – Another song comes to mind, “Oh yes, (He’s) the Great Pretender!”

I love it when stuff like this happens. Leading the way Right is fun!

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