Limiting a Politician’s Time in Washington – New Twist on Term Limits

By Peter Andrew
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Time for a new Idea. Time to limit the cumulative time politicians spend in Washington, D.C.

The latest scandals with Democrat congressmen Rangel and Massa have once again highlighted the corruption in Washington. Americans are frustrated with Washington, D.C. They should be. The corruption and arrogance is out of control. Nancy Pelosi promised to “Drain the Swamp.” The thing is that neither party can drain the swamp and still leave all the same old career politicians in place.


Limiting a Politician's Time in Washington

Limiting a Politician’s Time in Washington

It’s a mistake for any Republican to believe the frustration lies only with the Progressive-Socialists who have taken over the Democrat party. Congress has record low approval ratings and a few of those people are Republicans. Americans are just fed up with all the “legalized” (not really) bribery that goes on to get votes, the willingness of elected representatives to ignore the will of the people, the out of control spending, huge tax burdens placed on Americans, the ever-increasing size of government, etc., etc. 

Here’s a new idea (below) on how to eliminate the career corruption that lifetime politicians seem addicted to.


16 Years and You Go Home.

I’m not talking about a limit of 16 years in the U.S. House or 16 years in the Senate (a bit hard to divide a 6 year term into 16 years). What I propose is a 16-year limit on the time an elected politician can spend serving the people in Washington D.C. They can spend a few years in the House, a term in the Senate and maybe even a term in the White House. No matter, the limit is 16 years for the cumulative lifetime years a politician can serve in the House, the Senate or the White House.

To clarify, a few examples:

Jean gets elected to the U.S. House and serves four two-year terms. She only has 8 years left in D.C. no matter what. She can serve a maximum of four more two-year-terms in congress.

Jean might decide after those 8 years to run for the U.S. Senate. Fine. She can only serve one 6-year term if she wins. She also would no longer be eligible to run for President or Vice President of the United States because she would not be able to complete her term with the two years she would have left.

Ron runs for the U.S. Senate and wins. He serves two six-year terms. 12 years gone. He can run for President, but may only serve one term. If he wins the White House, he’d hit his 16 years at the end of the first term and then go home.

Getting the idea? If Sarah runs for President having served as a Governor, her time as governor would not count (obviously) as time spent in Washington. The idea is to limit the time in Washington. End the corruption that comes with entrenched lifetime politicians. Give the government back to the people. Let people serve for a while, and then go home. That’s the way it was intended.

So if Sarah runs and wins, she can serve two four-year terms in the White House. Yes, she would still have 8 years left that she could serve in the House or Senate if she so desired. 16 years and you’re done, no matter what.

If we could ever get term limits for the U.S House or the Senate, you would still have people just switching chambers to stay in power. This idea eliminates the career politician. Period.

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