Lis Smith Hypocrisy on MSNBC

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elliot sptizer's girlfriend lis smith
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Democrat strategist Lis Smith appears to be a hypocrite. Elliot Sptizer’s girlfriend and former employee now shows up on MSNBC as an expert.

On MSNBC Saturday, she was interviewed about the Chris Christie report that came out supposedly clearing him of wrong-doing in the whole deal with closing traffic lanes. Critics say the report was completed by a law firm that was anything but impartial and therefore, should be dismissed. That’s fine. They can say that.

But the 31-year-old Smith, who uses a picture of herself when she was much younger as her Twitter pic, went beyond that. She pointed out that in her opinion, the people who did this investigation “Without even interviewing” key players involved. In her opinion, that made the whole report rubbish.


An official investigation. Investigators don’t even interview key players, people who knew what happened, people on the ground. Yet they draw conclusions and say the person being investigated is innocent of any wrong doing.

Sound familiar?

It should! That’s exactly what the liberal left, the kind of people Smith offers advice to, did with its so-called investigation into the Obama Administration over the four Americans killed in a terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya. Those charged with pretending to investigate did not even interview key players, people who knew what happened, people on the ground. Yet they concluded Barack Obama and Hillary RahmRod Clinton did absolutely noting wrong.

Ms. Smith, if it’s good for your Spitzer-Goose it has to also be good for your own little red dress Gander. We agree with you that the Christie investigation is highly questionable (if those people were in fact not interviewed). So is the Benghazi “investigation!”

Ms. Smith, will you come out and blast that investigation as well?

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