Lost Emails, Lost White House

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Barack Obieber Disposition
What have Americans truly lost? Some emails from Lois Lerner? Or even the smidgen of trust it had left in the White House? The “phony” scandal at the IRS is growing. President Obama is out campaigning again, claiming in Minnesota that this still is a phony scandal and that he doesn’t watch TV. That’s an interesting lie from the guy who says he only learns about these scandals by watching the news on TV!

The emails are not lost. Even if they were, through illegal activity at the IRS, surely the NSA spy team has copies of them! They have copies of all of your emails!

President Barack Obama continues his corrupt regime without any fear of consequences from a congress too afraid of the President’s skin color. God forbid anyone tries to impeach the very first half-black, half-white President. The truth is that most Americans don’t care what color the President’s skin is. If that person is corrupt, they should be held accountable without regard to party or skin color.

But the media also has become corrupt and only spends time going after corruption on the right, rarely the left. The so-called “4th estate” has failed. Checks and balances are failing with corrupt federal judges legislating from the bench or making decisions based on politics instead of the “law of the land,” as lefties like to call it. Congress refuses to hold the President accountable or to “check” his power.

I just hope we can hold on for two more years and get a true Conservative American in the White House. The damage will be quite difficult to repair. Major changes will be needed. The one republican governor who came into an awful situation, made major changes, faced huge controversy and challenges from the left, and came out smelling like a rose is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Conservatives need to rally behind someone like Walker.

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