Love #Obamacare? Thank #Hillary2016

Early in 2009, his thinking evolved. That what President Barack Hugo Obama told the press. He had come to the conclusion that Hillary Clinton was right after all.

After campaigning hard in 2008 to convince everyone that Hillary Clinton was wrong about healthcare, wrong about requiring people to purchase it, he simply ‘changes his mind.’ Giddy and oddly aroused reporters happily reported that this wonderful man was so far above the rest of his, that he -(reporter choking back tears)- actually allowed his thinking to “evolve!” Of course when a republican flip-flops, the press calls it a flip-flop and points out the brazen hypocrisy.

If you love Obamacare, thank Hillary Clinton.

She pushed hard in 1993 for Hillarycare. Though she was never elected to any post, loyal (choke) husband Billy Bob Clinton put her in charge of nationalizing healthcare. She put together a plan that even her own party did not support and it never got a vote. The plan did result in two major lawsuits, both of which Team Hillary won. Go figure… and with liberal judges too. Amazing.

In 2008, Hillarycare was born again as her campaign for President gathered steam. That was, until Michelle Obama decided she was proud of her country “for the first time” in her life when His Barackness won in Wisconsin. Michelle was quickly closeted after that brilliant burst of honesty, but I digress.

That whole mandatory-participation or you get fined by the IRS thing came from Hillary Rodham Clinton. By the way, Mrs. Clinton still wants to be President. Might be nice if people remember the 85+ items (as of today) on our Hillary Clinton Lies list before they vote. Remember what happened last time when no one would listen to any criticism of the democrat nominee? Yeah, we do too. Time to listen to us now when we speak about Her Hillaryness.


  1. Scott Greene says:

    By the way, here is what is coming to Obamacare in April 2014:

    Once you sign up for insurance and it turns out you don’t like the plan you are on, it is ILLEGAL to switch to another plan.
    For the rest of the year you are stuck with the plan you signed up for no matter whether you like it or can even afford it anymore.
    At that point your only option is to stop making the monthly payments and have no insurance the rest of the year.
    Then the government will hit you with IRS tax penalties which is your punishment for not making your monthly insurance payments.

    1. Scott,
      Thanks for your comments! It is important for people to learn about the real Obamacare. You are always welcome here!

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