Malkin Upset Libs Still Talking About Palin Baby

We love Michelle Malkin. She has a fantastic post you need to see, entitled “Barack Obama is Sarah Palin’s Secret Lovechild.” With her usual wit and great writing, she points out the absurdity within the Obama 2012 campaign crowd that continues to try to destroy our Sarah Palin.  They continue to look for non-existent evidence that would show Trig Palin is actually the child of Bristol Palin, not Sarah.  The piece by Malkin is posted on Oregon’s Statesman Journal. Just to wet your appetite, here is some of what Malkin writes:

These tinfoil hat-wearers are as obnoxious and unhinged as the 9/11 Truth cultists who insist that America engineered the jihadi attacks on itself. The presidential campaign may be over, but there’s no expiration date on Palin Derangement Syndrome.

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