Mark Steyn Follows Our Lead

Conservative commentator Mark Steyn is getting a lot of press in the last few days because he maintains Standard & Poors was right to downgrade the credit rating of the United States. He was even a guest on Fox & Friends today for his “boldness” in sharing this opinion!

Sometimes it’s tough being one of the “middle players.” Steyn is only saying what we had already said. Back in April!


By Peter Andrew, ConservativeAmerican.org
On the Edge of Conservative Glory

ConservativeAmerican.org started out in 1998 as one of the (very) little players on the conservative scene. As time went on, people like you helped us to grow. More followers, more visitors, more sites linking to what we have to say.  More than 150 other political sites have linked to us and Google gives us a page ranking of “4? so far. Ten is highest for Google’s ratings and very few get that, except of course Google. For example, Rush Limbaugh’s site has a Google page ranking of 6. Sean Hannity’s website ranking is 5. Mark Levin’s is 6. And Mark Steyn’s is 6.

We’re not one of the huge players yet, but we’re getting there thanks to you and other Conservative Americans just like you!

So Mark Steyn is out with a book, “After America,” in which he correctly points out what will happen if the USA maintains its present
Socialist Obamanist course. It aint pretty.

At National Review Online, he stepped out of the mainstream to claim that Standard & Poors is correct to downgrade the credit rating
of the United States. He wisely notes that a country spending nearly $4-trillion a year with income of aboout $2-trillion a year is in
big trouble. It’s only a matter of time.

Leading the way Right, that’s what we said back in April of this year

Okay, so the United States now spends $1.6-Trillion dollars in a single year more than it takes in. They have a name for a business in that situation; “CLOSED!” Washington D.C. keeps borrowing more money just to pay bills. We have racked up a federal debt of $14-Trillion and congress wants permission to raise it again! A few weeks from now, they’ll want permission to raise it yet again. Sooooooooooo, THAT is what Standard & Poors says is UNBEATABLE?! What are we missing here? S&P Actually says you cannot get any better (triple-A!) than being in debt up to your eyeballs with no plan whatsoever of how to get out of it?! THAT is a triple-A rating?! OMG! And they’re not even kidding! ConservativeAmerican.org has downgraded its outlook on Standard and Poors from significant to insignificant!

We have also been critical of Moody’s for leaving the rating as is.

Many politicians and citizens seem to want things both ways. They want to claim S&P and Moody’s are a joke because of the way they
gave high ratings to mortgage funds that went South and helped to cause the first Great Recession. So, they think S&P and Moody’s should have been tougher and given a more accurate rating of those investments.

However, when S&P lives up to that request and gives a tougher and more accurate rating on the credit of the federal government, they again claim S&P is a joke. But this time… follow me here… the claim is that S&P should not be so tough or worry about accurate ratings.

You can’t have the cake Michelle Obama will give you and eat it too, folks.

Only in magic shows with mirrors and smoke is the USA credit rating “Triple-A.”

However, this doesn’t mean we are no longer a great nation. It doesn’t mean our chances of being on strong financial ground are all gone.
Far from it. With Conservative Americans in power, the right things can be accomplished to make our nation solid again. Just look at what
Conservative American Governor Scott Walker has done in Wisconsin. He went from a $3.8-billion budget deficit to a surplus in one year just by tackling the stranglehold the socialist-democrat unions had on the taxpayers. No layoffs. No program cuts. Not just a balanced budget, but a surplus. And a strong credit rating.

We need the same kind of Conservative American revolution on a national scale.

So while we pout because Steyn gets all the coverage and not us (he does fill in for Rush Limbaugh after all), the important thing is that
the message is heard. We are in trouble. We can be saved. Electing Conservative Americans with backbones is the answer.

Published on August 11, 2011

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