Maybe Karzai Should Get a Drone Visit

By David Kraemer – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right with unique and fun conservative news and views.

There’s a debate going on in Washington, D.C. about the use of drones on an American overseas. Our position is that the citizenship of Americans who have become terrorists against us should be revoked. If, for some reason, the person in question remains an American citizen, they should be captured, arrested and put on trial.  Terrorists (foreigners or former Americans) who want all Americans dead can, and should be, killed with drone attacks.

However, while we sit around talking about these drone attacks on Americans, why not use the freaking drone to send Afghanistan’s President Karzai a “final” message

Solving one problem in Afghanistan.

Solving one problem in Afghanistan.

Karzai apparently missed a few chapters in the Puppet-Dictator’s Handbook that we gave him;

  1. If someone gives you Billions of dollars, be loyal to them
  2. If someone creates a government and puts you in charge, don’t release that person’s enemies from jail
  3. If you want to survive to see another day, don’t bite the only hand keeping you alive.

Karzai is in a difficult situation because of President Barack Hussein Obama.  Mr. Obama has made it clear that he has no plans to win the war in Afghanistan, he’s uncomfortable with the word “victory,” and we’re just going to cut and run.  Check your history, but I believe that’s the first time since Viet Nam we just decided to pack our bags and quit.

So, if you’re Karzai and you remain loyal to the USA, you’re the first to die when the last US Soldier leaves.  That is, unless you befriend the Taliban.  At least it seems that’s what Karzai believes.  He’s a dead man either way, though he may not realize it yet.  His only chance of survival is to steal some money and sneak out of the country to a location where he can hide the rest of his life.

It does piss me off though that this bum has no loyalty to us at all.  So, next time a drone just happens to be in the area… why not send him a farewell note?

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