Media Adoration for Hillary is Building

By Peter Andrew – ConservativeAmerican.org – Leading the way Right

If you think Donald Sterling is an idiot (and he is), try looking at the dopes in the media!

The ASSociated Democrat Press reports in the Kentucky Post about how great Hillary is under the headline, “For Hillary Clinton, Faith means Caring for Others!” – Wow.

She must have very little faith then! This is a bitter, angry and vengeful woman who visciously goes after anyone who dares to get in her way.

Here’s a headline at the Washington Postal, “Hillary Clinton sends sympathy to tornado victims.” Awe, isn’t that sweet of her? She’s pretending to care about someone other than herself. Touching.

The Global Dispatch, which boasts it is “keeping truth in the headlines,” says about her Hillaryness: “Hillary Clinton preaches social gospel not politics in latest speech.” Wow again. She is just so darned amazing. She is so much above the rest of us, putting the Gospel before politics. Bull-freaking-Sh**! The truth in the headline would be to say, “Hillary Clinton uses Church for political gain in latest speech!” Is Hillary Clinton clinging to her God? Wouldn’t that make her a bitter clinger?

After all, Hillary is so well loved by just about everyone, I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Now shh, we have to keep this down a bit, okay? Here’s the secret from the headline at liberal Politico

“Wall Street Republicans dark secret: Hillary Clinton 2016.” See, even the republicans love Hillary! No really, they do. C’mon. You don’t believe me?! If you don’t, you must be about the only one in the entire country. Pay no attention to that 45% negative rating behind the curtain. You are all by yourself.

Ready for Hillary? Ready to stomach the idiots in the media for the next two years? Ready to Puke? If you love Hillary, here are 199 reasons to change your mind.

Ah, but here we go again. It’s only 2014 and the press has already found the chosen one for 2016. Heck, republicans may as well not even run. And as for “dark secrets,” here’s one to try on: The ruling elite republicans on the East Coast, in congress, and unfortunately on the RNC, agree with democrats that Conservative Americans must be stopped at all costs.

The Republican party is not your father’s republican party anymore. It’s not the republican party that Hillary Clinton’s own father supported. Mr. Rodham was a fan of Barry Goldwater and a Conservative American. What Hillary does love about her Methodist Church is the radical leftist youth minister that took her from the loving embrace of her own father and put corrupt “social justice” in her mind instead. Even Hillary recognized in college the corruption of the left and she wrote about it. She said the so-called “War on Poverty” went no deeper than public relations.

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