Media Lying about who pays for Trump’s Wall

Annoying little media dweebs like Chucky doll Todd want you to actually believe they actually think Donald Trump will ask Mexico to write a check to pay for the wall.

Todd and the other Clinton campaign workers in the so-called press know damn well that’s not how Mexico will pay for the wall. But they all go on TV and feign surprise that Trump didn’t ask the Mexican President for a cashiers check yesterday when the two met.

The press understands fully that taxing Mexican imports, for example, could be one easy way Mexico would pay for the wall. They could also agree to level the trade deficit, sending enough money back to the USA in purchases to fund the wall. Todd knows this but pretends to believe that Trump, that silly guy, will just ask them for a check. Gosh, isn’t he stupid?

The only ones Todd and the others think are stupid are their viewers. And with Obama winning twice, perhaps they have a point.

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