Megyn Kelly – New Mom, New Conservative of the Week!

By Peter Andrew
Leading the way Right

Conservative American Woman of the Week – # 18
Megyn Kelly

Kelly has her own Fox News Show! The New Megyn Kelly “America Live!” show is on the way mid days on Fox News!


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TV Newser reports, “Kelly was on Howard Stern’s Sirius XM radio show where she played the game “Marry, F–k, Kill,” where a guest is given three people she’d either marry, have sex with or kill. Using Fox News hosts as her choices, Kelly said she’d have sex with Bill O’Reilly, marry Sean Hannity and kill Glenn Beck. Kelly then went on “The View.” (One of the co-hosts today was Ali Wentworth aka Mrs. George Stephanopoulos.) The ladies talked about a couple criminal cases in the news: the case of the Tennessee mother who returned her adopted Russian son and the bullying-to-death suicide of Phoebe Prince.”


Conservative American Red-Blooded men (and women too!) love to look at Hot Conservative American Women. So, how can we satisfy that need without being purely sexist, or only admiring someone’s appearance? men get criticized for only noticing a woman’s features and beauty and not paying attention to what women say. We don’t want to be part of that. We want to recognize intelligent women who are first, Conservative Americans. So, to be eligible, the female must be intelligent and either a strong Conservative American voice, or a person fair to Conservative Americans most of the time. To our critics who may say we only are looking at appearance, let me just say that it’s not our fault angry liberal women are not as attractive as positive, happy, Conservative American women!!


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We know you’ll enjoy these images of the lovely and poised new mom, Megyn Kelly. Kelly is happily married to a wonderful man and the couple has a brand new baby boy!


My Pet Jawa reminds us the lovely Megyn is happily married!


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Julie Banderas (left) with Megyn Kelly

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