Millions out of Work, Obama Gives Contractors a Pay Raise!

With millions of Americans out of work, the aloof and out-of-touch President B-Rock Obama has decided to give some who work for the federal government a pay raise!

obama wants to be king

Obama: The Dictator’s Pen

With a stroke of his dictator pen (the one he’s so proud of, the White House sent out a picture of it), he is raising the minimum wage to $10.10 for government contractors.

Year after year, the President has made numerous broken promises is State of the Union addresses that job creation “now” would be his top priority. Bull. His top priority has been to fundamentally change the fabric of the nation, weaken our position internationally and create the corruption and chaos he feels is necessary here at home to move the nation to Socialism.

Tonight he’ll brag about (and be applauded for) his desire to be a dictator! He will say how he just has no choice, but to skip congress! Who needs congress, anyway, right? After all, most Americans hate congress more than the President.

As we reported again the other day, even democrats worry about this notion of skipping congress. This is very dangerous territory.

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